RVDIOVCTIVE is a multimedia artist collective based in NYC. We seek to curate events and projects that tells a story across multiple media platforms. It is a powerful technique which extends the reach of contemporary storytelling be altering audience and artist interaction with digital media in a way that makes it more intimate and personal. Today's most effective campaigns make good use of this strategy and do not rely on one form of media to build a relationship with consumers. We seek to explore new and unique ways of interacting with art, music, film, and the atmosphere in which these things are formed.

Although the primary goal of RVDIOVCTIVE is entertainment, we believe in the power that are contributes towards social movements and ideas. As an entity, we cherish our ability to contribute and collaborate with any groups, causes, organizations which we find noble. We strongly advocate a culture of participation and seek to transcend the role of an audience from that of a stagnant observer to that of an active member, with their own unique ideas and contributions.



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