“Cracking the proverbial cypher of sound isn’t as simple as say, remembering the code to your gym locker. Making it look stress-free is New York’s jack-of-all sonic trade/ producer/DJ, Codes. There’s no genre the beatsmith can’t make his bitch – from spaced out to bassed-out, Codes brings his own twist to underground house.” – DJ Mag

Our history with Codes goes deeper than any other artist out there. RVDIOVCTIVE was formed in NYC while all of the members were living and working together. Originally from Rochester, NY, Cody Murray and co-founder, Devon James bonded over their shared friends and experiences in the upstate NY DJ scene. Once Cody introduced himself to a larger group at work, they soon realized they were already fans of Cody’s musical alias. Cody quickly became a friend to the whole crew and has since played more parties than any other artists, other than the residents. We had him in our very early days at Tutu’s, we’ve taken him out of state to places like San Francisco, Detroit, Miami where he’s been the only guest DJ to have played every single one of our parties during Winter Music Conference/Miami Music Week. He is one of the most dedicated and hard working producers we know. He spends countless hours perfecting his craft and his sound.

From spacey to bassy Codes brings his own twist to the underground side of House. His lengthy catalog mixed with an appreciation for turntablism and a focus on pushing club music boundaries keep this producer busy in and out of the studio.

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